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When a business owner focuses their delivery service to a very tight, defined geographical boundary, it is termed as being a hyperlocal business. It is based on the ‘near me’ concept and makes delivery quicker. This is usually applicable for localized businesses offering food services or businesses that offer services requiring in person consumption like beauty salons, spas, etc

As a business owner you need to communicate very clearly to potential customers about your shipping capabilities because that can be a catalyst for them placing their order or hesitating to do so. Your Shopmatic webstore comes integrated with locally relevant shipping & logistics solutions enabling you to expand your reach of customers regionally or even internationally so you can sell more.

However if you are a business that is focussed on being hyperlocal because you are a kirana or grocery store for example, then we encourage you to add an announcement bar to your Shopmatic webstore. Make it an attractive and eye-catching bar with clear details on your delivery areas and let this information sit on top of every page on your webstore. Clear communication is key to winning customer confidence.

Whatever your policy is on shipping, be it hyperlocal delivery, regional or international delivery, make sure you have a well articulated shipping & delivery policy page on your Shopmatic Webstore. Think of the frequently asked questions by customers and write crisp and clear answers to them. This page is also critical to secure quick approvals from payment gateway partners like PayPal etc because they know there will be less customer disputes with businesses who have good customer policies.

With Shopmatic Chat & Shopmatic Social, hyperlocal businesses like kirana and grocery stores can fully engage their neighbourhood clients in ecommerce.

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