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Unique Visitors

The unduplicated number of individual visitors that visit a website are the unique visitors to a website. This is irrespective of the number of times they visit the website. This count is determined by the unique IP address or via a cookie that uniquely identifies each visitor.

Building awareness is key to raising the number of visitors who will visit your webstore. Once they are on the webstore, the content of what you have designed and the products that you sell will take care of engaging them to keep them longer on the webstore and even to keep them coming back over and over again.

There are many ways to raise awareness via both online and offline efforts. Social media activities are a good way to promote your webstore by ensuring that every time you create posts on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest, you also insert your store url to help your fans and followers to visit your webstore. When you go for offline events like bazaars or pop up sales events, remember to give our cards and include them in your sales bags to buyers. They are all opportunities to get the people you have interacted with to visit your webstore to see more of your items online.

Your Shopmatic store also has an integration with a digital advertising tool that is a great place to start your paid ad campaigns. This integration with, an artificial intelligence (AI) driven ad tech tool will help you to experiment and expand your visitor traffic Using Google Analytics you can track the unique visitors on your Shopmatic webstore.

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