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User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX)

Everything designed for a user to view and understand a website or an application, in the form of visuals and the display of information is known as User Interface (UI). The goal of a good User Interface is to make it really easy for a potential user to engage and navigate through the content in a natural and intuitive path giving them a smooth and goal oriented User Experience (UX).

Design & copy are both very integral to a good user interface and business owners must invest some time to think and plan this when they start their own webstore. Using Shopmatic’s intuitive design tools, your webstore can be structured easily to create user journeys that lead your visitors into the right pages and product information.

Some of the hacks for creating an impressive user interface on the landing page or home page of your Shopmatic webstore are elements like sliders and videos on covers that are engaging and impactful. Adding a section of best seller products or new arrivals is another great way to draw attention to potential high revenue items. To drive a good user experience, add call to action buttons in every section with clear and crisp direction to the visitor on what action they need to take. Use simple but strong verbs like “Shop now” or “View more” that give subliminal cues to your visitors. Create a navigation path on your webstore that helps them discover your products and collections easily with the fewest number of clicks.

For sellers who use the Shopmatic Chat and Shopmatic Social channels the unique Single Checkout Links process and experience is designed with optimum UI and UX to delight the buyers using this method to buy.

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